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SZOIL Join ESC 2018

SZOIL is a space and platform for worldwide makers to communicate and cooperate

Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL), established by SIDA and Maker Collider,is a space and platform for worldwide makers to communicate and cooperate. SZOIL is also the first Fab Lab in Shenzhen authorized by MIT CBA as a research and development partner of FabLab 2.0.

SZOIL embodies four functions including Fab Lab promotion and FabLab 2.0 research and development, innovation and entrepreneur education courses for makers, global maker service platform, and industry chain collaboration service. The lab dedicates in exploring the issues and developing solutions to connect the massive production ecosystem to small hardware startups so as to promote the international standing of Shenzhen in the development of digital intelligent hardware and manufacturing and build a future intelligent hardware Silicon Valley by combining new open source method and current manufacturing system in Shenzhen.

What SZOIL do?

Fab Lab Establishment and Solution

Innovation and Entrepreneur Education Courses

Global Maker Service Platform

Industrial Chain Collaboration Service

SZOIL Join ESC 2018!

ESC will cooperate with SZOIL to organize a "Workshop -- Exploring the rapidly developing African energy market" on the site of ESC 2018 on September 20. Delivering comprehensive interpretation of the major policies and influences in Africa, and analyze new business opportunities in the African energy industry.

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